I have been working with WordPress for a total of four years now. Started a company that works with designing and creating websites for all types of customers. Since 2017 I have been using Divi to do so. And what a fantastic theme for WordPress it is.

Since then I have converted all of the sites I have created to Divi instead of other themes. And it gets better the longer you are using it. When they released the Theme Builder I was static and decided that I never will use another theme for WordPress. I understand why the theme Divi released by Elegant Themes are the most used theme on WordPress.

I recommend that everybody who works with WordPress and web design starts using Divi as a theme and what a better time then right now with Black Friday and special offers for customers.

You can find Elegant Themes Black Friday deals at: https://www.elegantthemes.com/black-friday-2020/

I hope to see more Divi sites in the future!

Stay safe,

Simon Lundgren

Simon Lundgren